Bethune-Cookman Athletics Tutoring

The OSAS assumes principal responsibility for assigning tutors to student-athletes in areas that are identified according to the specific needs of the University's student-athletes. While such subjects as English, Science, and Mathematics have consistent demands for tutors, the OSAS evaluates the tutoring needs of student-athletes each year.

Each year, the tutoring needs of our student-athletes are evaluated and the determination of tutoring needs is made, first, by the student-athlete who makes a request. Once the student-athlete has made a request for a tutor, the staff of the OSAS works with the student-athlete's major area academic advisor and athletic academic advisor to further identify and meet specific tutoring needs.

All tutoring sessions are held in either the OSAS or in spaces designated for office use by the University's coaching staff. Student-athletes and their tutors hold their tutoring sessions in areas that are always public, open, and readily accessible. Under no circumstances does the OSAS permit student-athletes and their tutors to meet outside of the confines of the University.

The OSAS has been purposively decorated to include items found in other parts of the University, including pictures of Dr. Bethune and President Reed as well as the University's Mission Statement, Academic Honesty, and Honor Codes. Even within tutoring environments, the intent is to communicate the inclusiveness of the student-athlete into the life of the University in general and to avoid communicating a separateness that keeps student-athletes from seeing themselves as students first. 

To secure tutors, the Athletic Staff will initially turn to the different academic schools for a pool of on campus student-tutors. These tutors are paid according to rates that have been established by the University. There are times, however, when qualified on-campus tutors are not available for a particular subject area. In those instances, off-campus tutors are utilized. Off campus tutors are paid at standard open market rates.

The first and second criteria for the University's tutors are that they must have completed at least 12 credit hours in the subject which they will tutor and they must have a minimum cumulative grade point average for all 12 credits of 3.25 or better. Under no circumstances is a C grade permitted in any of the courses that make up the 12 credits. A third criterion is that tutors must also have completed a minimum of 5 semesters of college.  The pupil load for tutors is 10:1. This ratio is excellent inasmuch as the student-teacher ratio at the University is 17:1. Both on-campus and off-campus tutors are also required to complete a NCAA rules seminar through the University's Office of Athletics Compliance.