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Bethune-Cookman University Intercollegiate Athletics
Bethune-Cookman University Athletics
640 Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Boulevard
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
Main Switchboard: (386) 481-2215 | Ticket Office: (386) 481-2465
Department / Sport Directory
 Administration   Strength & Conditioning  Football
 Student-Athlete Support  Ticket Operations  Golf
 Athletic Communications  Video Services  Softball
 Compliance  Baseball  Tennis
 Equipment  Basketball (Men's)  Track & Field
 Facilities  Basketball (Women's)  Volleyball
 Marketing & Promotions  Bowling  
 Sports Medicine  Cheerleading  
Name  Position Contact
Lynn W. Thompson Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics 386-481-2215  
Jack McClairen Senior Associate Athletic Director 386-481-2205  Email
Sandra Booker Senior Associate AD/Internal Operations/SWA 386-481-2212  Email
Robert O'Neal Senior Associate AD/Facilities & Strategic Initiatives 386-481-2201 Email
Bryan J. Harvey Assistant AD/Communications 386-481-2206 Email
Reginald Thomas Assistant AD/Compliance 386-481-2763 Email
Jamie Hart Assistant AD/Marketing & Promotions 386-481-2033 Email
Dr. Earnie Fingers Assistant AD/Student-Athlete Support 386-481-2234 Email
Clara Acker Secretary to the Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics 386-481-2215 Email
Academic Services/Student-Athlete Support
 Name  Position  Contact
Dr. Earnie Fingers Assistant AD/Student-Athlete Support 386-481-2234 Email
OPEN Academic Coord./Student-Athlete Affairs 386-481-2504 Email
Brandon Fairley Academic Coordinator/Tutor Coordinator 386-481-2234 Email
Jason Sneed Academic Coordinator 386-481-2232 Email
Carla Lester NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative 386-481-2717 Email
Athletic Communications
 Name  Position  Contact
Bryan J. Harvey Assistant AD/Communications (Baseball, Football, Golf) 386-481-2206 Email
Andrea Wheeler Associate Director (Softball, Volleyball, W. Basketball) 386-481-2278 Email
TBA Assistant Director (Bowling, Track & Field) 386-481-2558  
Dan Ryan Staff Historian (M. Basketball, Tennis) 386-481-2240 Email
 Name  Position  Contact
Reginald Thomas Assistant AD for Compliance & Eligibility 386-481-2763 Email
Juavahr Nathan Compliance Assistant, Financial Aid & Eligibility 386-481-2390 Email
Amira Moore Graduate Assistant, Eligibility & Rules Education 386-481-2348 Email
Keith Holt Graduate Assistant, Eligibility & Monitoring 386-481-2283 Email
 Name  Position  Contact
Michael Humphrey Director of Equipment Operations 386-690-8223 Email
Facilities and Events
 Name  Position  Contact
Robert O'Neal Senior Associate AD/Facilities & Strategic Initiatives 386-481-2201 Email
Alvin Wyatt, Jr. Facilities Coordinator for Moore Gymnasium 386-481-2243 Email
Marketing & Promotions
 Name  Position  Contact
Jamie Hart Assistant AD/Marketing & Promotions 386-481-2033 Email
Natiel Curry Graduate Assistant/Lettermen's Club 386-481-2033 Email
Jasmine Alston Graduate Assistant 386-481-2278 Email
Sports Medicine
 Name  Position  Contact
Scott Armstrong Director of Sports Medicine 386-481-2282 Email
Lani Luers Assistant Director of Sports Medicine 386-481-2280 Email
Liz Conquest Athletic Trainer 386-481-2261 Email
Sabrina Rosson Athletic Trainer 386-481-2281 Email
Jae Song Athletic Trainer 386-481-2261 Email
Itsuko Yamaguchi Athletic Trainer 386-481-2281 Email
Katie Delcontivo Resident Athletic Trainer 386-481-2261 Email
Neville Spurgeon Resident Athletic Trainer 386-481-2281 Email
Andrew Companeschi Resident Athletic Trainer 386-481-2281 Email
Jerry Daniels Massage Therapist 386-481-2261  
Strength and Conditioning
 Name  Position  Contact
Corliss Fingers Director of Strength and Conditioning 386-481-2264 Email
James Whitener Assistant Strength Coach 386-481-2274 Email
Robert Deveney Graduate Assistant 386-481-2273 Email
Jeremy Richardson Graduate Assistant 386-481-2264 Email
Emmanuel Petrich Graduate Assistant 386-481-2264 Email
Ticket Operations
 Name  Position  Contact
OPEN Director of Ticket Operations 386-481-2465 Email
Julius Ascue Asst. Director of Ticket Operations 386-481-2465 Email
Video Services
 Name  Position  Contact
Darian McCaskill Video Coordinator 386-481-2263 Email
 Name  Position  Contact
Jason Beverlin Head Coach 386-481-2224 Email
Barrett Shaft Assistant Coach & Recruiting Coordinator 386-481-2241 Email
Jason Bell Assistant Coach & Pitching Coach 386-481-2242 Email
TBA Director of Baseball Operations 386-481-2224  
Men's Basketball
 Name  Position  Contact
Gravelle Craig Head Coach 386-481-2218 Email
Rodney Martin Associate Head Coach 386-481-2208 Email
Stacey Beckton Assistant Coach 386-481-2244 Email
Chrys Cornelius Assistant Coach 386-481-2214 Email 
TBA Director of Men's Basketball Operations 386-481-2291  
Women's Basketball
 Name  Position  Contact
Vanessa Blair-Lewis Head Coach 386-481-2217 Email
Niki Washington Assistant Coach 386-481-2248 Email 
Andre Bolton Assistant Coach & Recruiting Coordinator 386-481-2844 Email
Chandler McCabe Assistant Coach 386-481-2223 Email
Juleé O'Neal Director of Women's Basketball Operations 386-481-2464 Email
 Name  Position  Contact
Charles Thomas Head Coach 386-481-2201 Email
 Name  Position  Contact
OPEN Head Coach 386-481-2212 Email
 Name  Position  Contact
Terry Sims Head Football Coach 386-481-2250 Email
Lawal McCray Assistant Head Coach/Tight Ends/Recruiting Coordinator 386-481-2252 Email
Charles Jones
Associate Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator/Pro Liaison 386-481-2256 Email
Jim Pry Assistant Coach/Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks 386-481-2260 Email
Aashon Larkins Assistant Coach/Special Teams Coordinator 386-481-2269 Email
Terry Williams
Assistant Coach/Cornerbacks/Community Liaison 386-481-2255 Email
Earl Lane Assistant Coach/Defensive Line/JuCo Recruiting Coordinator 386-481-2258 Email
John Powers Assistant Coach/Offensive Line 386-481-2253 Email
Carl Franks Assistant Coach/Running Backs 386-481-2262 Email
Darrin Hayes Assistant Coach/Safeties 386-481-2250 Email
Will Glover Assistant Coach/Wide Receivers 386-481-2254 Email
Jeff Fagan Chief of Staff/Football Operations 386-481-2259  
TBA Quality Control/Defense 386-481-2220  
TBA Quality Control/Offense 386-481-2220  
Jean Dessein Director of Player Personnel 386-481-2273 Email
Men's & Women's Golf
 Name  Position  Contact
Loritz Clark Director of Intercollegiate Golf 386-481-2247 Email
OPEN Assistant Coach 386-481-2347  
OPEN Director of Golf Operations 386-481-2347  
 Name  Position  Contact
Laura Watten Head Coach 386-481-2245 Email
Tiffany Johnson Assistant Coach 386-481-2236 Email 
OPEN Assistant Coach 386-481-2236 Email 
Men's & Women's Tennis
 Name  Position  Contact
OPEN Head Coach 386-481-2204  
Emil Vassilev Assistant Coach 386-481-2204 Email
Track & Field/Cross Country
 Name  Position  Contact
Donald Cooper Director of Track & Field/Cross Country 386-481-2225 Email
Tyree Price Assistant Coach/Jumps 386-481-2113 Email
Garon Jackson Assistant Coach/Distance/Cross Country 386-481-2213 Email
Hyleas Fountain Assistant Coach/Multi and Throws 386-481-2231 Email
 Name  Position  Contact
Brittany Williams Head Coach 386-481-2226 Email
Alvaro Sanchez Assistant Coach 386-481-2455  Email