The Power of Faith in a Shared Vision

As we prepare for a new season at Bethune-Cookman University the winds of change are evident across the campus, for this is not only a new calendar academically and athletically, but a new season of leadership.

Dr. Edison Jackson, the sixth president of our beloved institution, takes the helm to guide us to newer heights and milestones. He has assembled a new leadership team and his role is to continue to direct the path of this ever growing university and to manage the era of expansion in buildings and programs that his predecessor Dr. Trudie Reed initiated.

For her service and leadership we are eternally grateful to Dr. Reed...and for Dr. Jackson's experience, enthusiasm, vision and the promise of an even greater level of success for B-CU, we are truly excited.

Change is easily seen amongst the faculty, staff and students with the "New Attitude" approach that Dr. Jackson has illustrated, but this new attitude is simply a part of his greater vision of "The B-CU Experience" that has taken root on campus, in the community and in the hearts and minds of Wildcats young and old, near and far. That's the power of "vision" can be easily shared. Once a vision is clearly articulated and shared it morphs into action and then becomes the foundation for enormous accomplishments and great works to be recognized; those of us who are fortunate enough to have careers working with teams and individual athletes witness this process all the time. But team work is not only found in athletics. It is universal.

When a vision becomes a reality people's lives are changed and they become empowered to accomplish virtually anything.  One of the visions becoming real this season is the completion of the Larry Handfield Athletic Training Center. It was born out of a great need, nurtured by Oswald Bronson and Trudie Reed, shared with Larry Handfield and countless others who gave unselfishly to raise the funds for this tremendous project and now we are poised to produce great championships and even greater champions simply because of a shared vision.

All of our head coaches and student-athletes get the picture...they understand the mission and they are focused on the vision. They know that the most important element of vision is faith.  Faith is the lens that we look through to focus on our vision...only through the lens of faith are we able to understand that our vision is not limited to what we are, but pointing to what we are to become. Dr. Bethune said that "without faith, nothing is possible. With it, nothing is impossible. Faith in God is the greatest power, but great, too is faith in oneself."

So, as this new season approaches, a shared vision emerges, full of faith and loaded with expectations for academic excellence, phenomenal championships and accomplishments in unchartered waters. I am asking our fans and alumni to cheer louder than ever before and to share in the collective vision by investing in the lives of our most valued asset...our students as they strive to become Champions in every aspect.

Yours in Victory,

Lynn W. Thompson