A nationwide craze has taken over the internet the past few weeks: women's basketball teams dousing thier coaches in ice cold water for charity.  It's called #Chillin'4Charity, where coaches are called out by their peers before passing on the favor and receiving a bath of ice cold water in return.  All proceeds go to the Kay Yow Foundation, helping raise awareness for breast cancer and funds for research.

The rules are simple.  A coach calls you out before they receive an ice water shower.  You then have 48 hours to respond by taking on the cold water challenge yourself.  Head coaches that fail to do so owe the Kay Yow Foundation $250.  Assistants owe $100.  If a coach answers the bell, the challenging head coach owes $50; $25 for assistants.

However, the Bethune-Cookman University Department of Athletics went a step further. The entire department and each sport participated in the event. A representative from each of the offices in the athletic department, as well as someone from each of the 17 varsity sports, took part in showing their support for breast cancer awareness and the Kay Yow Foundation.

Check out the video to see the Wildcats "Chillin' 4 Charity".

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